Monday, February 1, 2010

i'm princess . 'im the prince..

god , how stupid i'm..
God how sin i'm...
pardon me for everything ,..

midnight i'm afraid , midnight u seem so weird..
Midnight but u're closer one , midnight is united with my body.
ignore u just like i'm living within or without u.
i wish the wind will blowing me to somewhere i keep wishper to my soul..
less power , still struggle....
and i'm stronger . but all full obstacle..

all the rules , and the right..
yeaahhh..i'm screaming with flaty face.
i'm crying ,  the body keep bleeding..
drawn the name i hate , i love , and i miss..

Im the princess
im the prince

im ur left..
N im ur right..

Even i take the sun
n hold the moon..
My foodsteps on the ground
than push hands up touch the cloud..

The symetris of life,make ur line seems spiral.
Dividing the black n white..
Among the thicky smog..

Saw the tiny tornado was sweeping the leaves.
In a moment clear my sin.

I could count math,but too idiot to analyzing..
I stand up in the middle..
Let u gauge it which is perfect as u will.
I let the time driving my mind.
I let ur heart feel my soul.

Juz one message..
I Made this for you both.
Coz' im ur daughter ,also ur son.
Im one..n juz one.

i born as u wish and i die for ur bliss...


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